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Innovation is related to the creation of new products, services, or the improvement of existing ones. Social Innovation (SI) concerns an intervention that seeks a new solution to a social problem, creating values for the assisted community, integrating people in the search for a result that satisfies those, directly and indirectly, involved in achieving the generated product, in addition, to establish inter-organizational and personal cooperation between activities and the creation of social innovation. This article aims to identify and analyze the effects of SI developed and directed to the rural population of Varzedo, Bahia. The methodology used was exploratory, descriptive, case study, and field research. Initially, a bibliographic review was carried out on the subject, with legislative and jurisprudential consultation, theses, and articles on specialized websites. Subsequently, visits were made to the rural region of the city, where the local way of life, its actors, and difficulties were witnessed. The results show that the radical and frugal SIs led to sustainable development and social change, generating employment, fixing the man in the countryside, and meeting the aspirations of the assisted population.

Faced with the problem of non-vitalized environments that are promoters of insecurity in cities, the research aims to contribute to the field of studies on interfaces of conditions of morphology and vitality from their interactions with crimes in public spaces. In this context, its general objective is to analyze the relationship between the results of spatial syntax, obtained with the software DephtmapX, and the occurrence of crimes in these places, adopting, as a macroscale case study locus, the neighborhood Cidade Industrial de Curitiba (CIC), Brazil, which has high rates of violence. To achieve these goals, the work was divided into four main sections: theoretical foundations, related to the structuring themes of research; methodological procedures, referring to techniques and methods employed; analytical results, related to empirical interpretation in two parts (spatialization of crime spots and application of spatial syntax) and critical discussions, pertinent to the joint analysis of scientific findings. Clear interconnection of road integration with the criminal occurrence is diagnosed, with a predominance of thefts, which use precisely areas of greater quantities and densification of users. For the connectivity of pathways, the clipping and conformation of the urbanized tissue of the studied region do not allow the establishment of effective reciprocity between attributes examined. It is concluded, therefore, by the achievement of the stated objective, even if future investigations should address in more detail the connection variable and others provided by the syntactic construction of spaces in this broad scalar approach of the contemporary city.

Oral rehabilitation consists of dental and esthetic prosthetic treatments that aim to recover or improve the oral health of patient, when it is affected. Currently, partially edentulous patients have a very active social life and thus they should feel safe with their prostheses. Aiming at the correct establishment of balance of the stomatognathic system, restoring function and esthetics, preserving the remaining structures and replacing lost structures, with reversibility and good cost/benefit, the removable partial dentures favorably rehabilitate partially edentulous patients within the context of Brazilian health. In this case report, removable partial dentures in the upper and lower arches were made with retention on spherical retainers (O'rings) in the remaining dental roots, which allowed the active utilization of these roots as abutments of partial dentures, minimizing the torque on teeth that could lead to loss of insertion and consequent mobility. The esthetic gain achieved with the use of these retainers should also be highlighted, due to elimination of extracoronal clamps on anterior teeth. The utilization of dental roots with retention devices proved to be an effective device to increase the retention and stability of prostheses, emphasizing the esthetic benefit in cases of removable partial dentures that involve the anterior region.

Large events in ecologically dynamic environments can generate serious environmental footprints, if inadequately planned. Poor management practices can cause environmental and economic damage of large magnitudes, directly and indirectly, to the local community and the surrounding areas of seaside cities and towns. This can be especially problematic in North-eastern Brazil, where tourism is a highly relevant source of income. Therefore, this study focuses on the analysis of waste management in large-scale events in coastal areas. The objective of this work was to evaluate the management of the solid waste generated during the Dragão Fashion Brasil 2019 event, which took place in Fortaleza, Brazil. The methodology employed was of qualitative-quantitative, exploratory, and experimental nature. Firstly, on-site monitoring was carried out for the qualitative-quantitative characterization of solid waste, along with an accelerated composting experiment using electromechanical equipment. The processes of separate waste collection, sorting, and final disposal of waste during the event proved to be environmentally beneficial, as it avoided the disposal of over 1,900 kg of solid waste and 200 kg of organic waste into landfills. It also prevented the pollution of close-by marine ecosystems. Additionally, six institutions benefited from the donation program by receiving 731 kg of recyclable waste. This has also contributed a discount on the energy bill of one NGO. It was concluded that the adoption of an environmental management program for solid waste ensured its environmentally friendly redirection and the avoidance of cross-contamination by mixing it with recyclable waste. The sustainable practices observed in this large-scale event, carried out in a coastal and touristic region, can be said to have left a legacy for other events with a similar potential for social and environmental impacts.

This important subjectas objective will go a long way to show some diplomatic movements amongst states, countries and nations of the world especially between great personalities. Also student will find it interesting, how decisions taken changed the course of events among nations of the world with either in bilateral or multilateral perspectives. Furthermore, we shall move ahead to examine glaring issues on the wars, it course manifestations and effects on the balance of power system as a conduct for the quest of great power hegemony. More so, the weaknesses or relaxation of some diplomacies adopted by some states members via organizations led to the beginning of new pattern or standard. At a certain level, diplomacy sprang up aggression that plunged the world into greater power domination in 1939. Worth noticing is the fact that the nature of evolution in diplomacy from 1915 to the 1940 could not be left out entirely. At the end of this topic readers would understand, peace seeking is the goal for international relations. As sensitivity play vital role, usually a successful role in establishing diplomacy and the outcomes, always, positive, when use the methods. As method we use some available sources which of most important is the written source got from schools and public libraries and archives centers. The results show clearness of diplomacy at work which has been the solution for conflicts, holding on peace. More so, we find out and diagnose and give as result, positive results how diplomacy yield more fruits. These are proving to say that Diplomacy is the best alternative to advocate for peace.

This study sought to analyze the agricultural productivity dynamics of three relevant crops developed in the Western Amazon, specifically in the state of Rondônia. Thus, the productive variations of banana, coffee, and passion fruit for the period from 1997 to 2016 were studied. Also, the analysis of passion fruit was highlighted through the analysis of variations in Annual Production Growth Rates-TACP by state micro-region. The theory of modernization, based on the model of individual innovation, elicits the elaboration of the study. To measure the TACP of each culture, use the shift-share method. As a matter of principle, the factors that influence the TACP are the Efeito Erea-EA and Efeito Rendimento-ER. Coffee presented a negative growth rate in the period (-0.52%) while, banana and passion fruit showed positive growth, respectively 15.62% and 1.91% in the period. Exclusively as for passion fruit, it showed great fluctuations in its rates, but in most cases presenting a negative rate for the ER. Coffee presented a negative growth rate in the period (-0.52%) while, banana and passion fruit showed positive growth, respectively 15.62% and 1.91% in the period. Thus, it appears that the cultivation of passion fruit in Rondônia still has a low degree of technology, which harms the fruit's TACP. Quanto a análise das TACP do maracujá por microrregiões, Alvorada do Oeste foi a que apresentou maior percentual.

In view of legal and social requirements, sustainability became the core of the actions and actions of associations in adopting policies to reduce environmental damage with benefits to society. This study aims to analyze the relationship between waste management practices and the generation of value in medium-sized retail supermarkets. A research is justified by the researchers' emphasis on large retailers or small chains and is based on three hypotheses focused on management practices and value generation, environmental knowledge and market orientation. This is a survey, applied to a sample of 234 employees from two retail chains, from June to October 2021, analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), characterized as a quantitative descriptive research. The results show that subjective environmental knowledge and market orientation moderate the relationship between waste and waste management practices and the generation of value in the production chain and that the more effective, the greater the generation of value.

The positioning of leaders at the Leaders Summit on Climate held this year, makes Brazil rethink series of actions related to the environmental issue. For HEIs, as opinion makers and responsible for the qualification of professionals who work in different areas, it is indispensable this discussion to be made in their environments as well. However, there are few with effective environmental management system or able to present a parameter that clearly shows their concern about the sustainable issue. Some universities have already structured systems involving the dean office. This work aims to identify the main difficulties in the localization of the items that constitute each of these footprints internally in a Higher Education Institution (HEI), by determination of different environmental footprints (ecological, water and carbon) . A preliminary survey shows that in some cases, simple control would assist in the quantitatively follow-up of fuel expenses, among others.

This study proposes a system consisting of a “patch”[1] dual-band antenna [2] with slots, dimensioned for 5G applications. In this device an AMC ("Artificial Magnetic Conductor") structure was inserted in order to improve the operating characteristics. The AMC plane [3] is formed using a 2 x 2 matrix of unit cells, each with a U-shape and a reconfigurable element. The results compared with an antenna without AMC indicate that the system provides SAR reduction, directivity improvement and gain increase to be discussed in the text.

The proposal for school inclusion emphasizes, among other aspects, that education systems must respect and meet the educational needs of people with disabilities in the regular class. To this end, schools have several services, resources and strategies, such as: multifunctional resource rooms or pedagogical support rooms. From the above, as the EJA school located in the city of Manaus - Am, are you looking for improvements in the teaching of student learning with special needs' This research is justified by its interest in identifying, mapping and monitoring people with disabilities enrolled in an EJA school that constitutes district coordinator 3 of the State Department of Education – SEDUC. Therefore, to elucidate the research problem, the following general and specific objectives were elaborated: General: made to analyze the training path of People with Disabilities in the Education of Youth and Adults enrolled in High School and Specific: two closed questionnaires were applied to improve know the current situation of the school and students, outlining the profile of each student and teachers and, finally, the disclosure was made through reports and histories of the achievements and difficulties of the students.

Introduce: The law nº 11.346, of 15 september of 2016, lays down that the power public should respect, protect, promote, inform and to evaluate the realization of the Human Right to Adequate Food. However, the quilombolas are vulnerable and suffer from discrimination by the institution. Objective: Survey articles from the last five years on food and nutrition security in quilombola communities in Brazil. Methodos: This is a systematic review of the literature with qualitative analysis, in which full articles published in the years 2016 to 2021. The collect of information was to realizate during October and November of 2021. Resultuts: In relation to food agriculture quilombola, observed little people to local produce, because there is rural exodus, which promotes flaws in local supply of food. Reduced consumption of food in nature and minimally processed and increased the consumption of the food processed and ultra processed. Observed that the quilombola population consumes less fish than beef, due to pollution of rivers and hunting practice, it is common in the quilombola population. The majority quilombola population live in insecurity feed, due to aspects of socioeconomics and environments, it is observed in all age groups. Studies show that it is four times bigger than commun population. Conclusion: A high prevalence of food insecurity was observed in this population, as well as a lack of intake of certain foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the absence of running water, distinct from sewage, per capita income and access to health services aggravate the situation.

Chia (Salvia hispanical.) seeds are known to have high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and fiber. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of a High-Protein Bar (PB) supplemented with chia seed added to the feed on the organs, tissues, and biochemical parameters of male Wistar adult rats (n=32) divided into four groups (n=8), namely group I (ration + 20% chia seeds); group II (ration + PB without chia seeds); group III (ration + 20% PB containing 15% chia seed); group IV (ration + 20% PB containing 20% chia seeds). The shelf-life of PBs was assessed during 45 days in terms of texture, color, and antioxidant activity using the β-carotene/linoleic acid assay. The centesimal composition of the formulations showed a significantly higher value of fiber offered to group I. Animals of groups III and IV showed a lower consumption of the ration (p

Law 12.651, of May 25, 2012, establishes norms for the protection of native vegetation in areas of permanent preservation, legal reserve, restricted use, forest exploitation and related matters. The objective of this research is to make a critical reflection on the impacts of the New Brazilian Forest Code for the biomes in the Brazilian territory, with special attention to the Amazon. In this direction, we seek to analyze and discuss some critical points, conceptualizing the main aspects that negatively impact soil, hydrography, fauna and flora and water resources. The methodology adopted for this research is based on a documentary bibliographic reference, of the descriptive-analytical type, anchored in a qualitative-quantitative approach, as well as an evaluation of in-situ work in the West of Pará. [...] The results presented are based on official data from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), collected through the system (PRODES and DETER) of the Institute of Man and Environment of the Amazon (IMAZON) and field research. The numbers show that the presence of private capital has been promoting a growing deforestation in the Amazon. And this is generated by the advancement of a multitude of real estate projects, agricultural (soybean and corn planting), extensive livestock and mining services. However, what drew the most attention was the deforestation data for the last three years. In other words, they are high projects (2019-2021) and do not represent improvements in the rate of progress in the Brazilian Amazon. Notwithstanding this, we still live with degrading problems of social and public health indices. In this dire juncture, it is understood that development does not mean transformation of the natural landscape of forests, water courses, pollution of rivers, creeks and streams, as well as extinction of fauna in biomes in general. We need to take better care of the Amazon and this involves changes in the Brazilian Forest Code. Institutional support is needed for inspection, applicability of laws and, if necessary, punishment for violators.

Corrosion is a watch word when it comes to the deterioration of material exposed tochemical, electrochemical or biochemical substances in the environment, this results to electron loss in metal as they come in contact with oxygen and water. Mild steel is one of the major materials exposed to this corrosion in humid air, acidic and other environment, it finds its application in construction work in the industry because of its low cost, it is chosen as a material of choice even in food processing industry, The aim of the work is to review literature on the effect of corrosion of mild steel in food processing industry, the tomato fruit which is also a vegetable was used as a case study to carried out the review, the review highlighted the detection, prevention, method, inspection and control method to tackle corrosion problem. The review also explained the different forms of corrosion and how they affect metals.

The licuri milk is obtained from the almonds of the palm tree, which is widely distributed in the Caatinga biome, occurring mainly to the east of the São Francisco River. The objective of the research was to identify the main parameters for the conservation of vegetable milk from licuri and the most suitable method to increase the shelf life of the milk. Quality control analysis were carried out in order to determine purity, pH, acidity and colorimetric index using methods from the IAL Food Manual. The results obtained showed that the treatment in sample B (pasteurization at 90ºC for 30 minutes) was significant compared to the other treated samples. From a chemical point of view, it was observed that treatment B prevented major changes in the milk, demonstrating that pasteurization is a viable treatment for increasing the shelf life of vegetable milk.

The present study aims to seek preventive measures that minimize the impacts on workers' health. The theoretical dialogues are structured from the concepts that make up the field called Occupational Health. Under this approach, it has an interdisciplinary character and is epistemologically based on a social constructivist conception. Theoretical reflections on the subject go beyond the foundations that influence and shape the theoretical plan and advance towards the construction of an intervention proposal for the work relationships that cause illness. As a result, it can be concluded that workers, exposed to occupational hazards in their work environment, must constitute a concern for Brazilian public health, and must be a constant object of public policies and effective measures that ensure the fundamental right to health of the worker.

The concept of death was linked to the absence of heartbeats or spontaneous breathing movements. Diagnosis of brain death is complex, requiring a series of initial factors as prerequisites, such as: knowledge of the cause of the coma, absence of hypothermia and absence of action of central nervous system depressant drugs. Objective: to verify the clinical incidence and epidemiology of brain deaths in Brazil. Methodology: these are exploratory, retrospective observational or experimental studies of literature recovery and critical analysis that were carried out through a search of electronic documents published between 2010 and 2020, using scientific articles, dissertations and theses. Thirty-three articles were analyzed that dealt with the subject discussed, which deepened the knowledge about it, human beings were not involved in the research, thus dispensing with the use of the free informed term. Results: The activities carried out by the brain define all the structures of the body. The patient's vital functions are freely and spontaneously linked and linked to the heart and lungs. The most common causes for the evolution of brain death are traumatic brain injuries (TBI) resulting from car accidents or physical aggression. The act of being an organ donor is characterized as solidarity with others. The family authorizes, however, the patient must agree in life with the act of donating their organs to other people. It is important to remember that not all patients who progress to brain death can be organ donors, around 1 to 4% of patients who die in hospital clinics throughout Brazil are selected. Conclusion: It is concluded that, during the research, it was found that it was difficult to find the strengthening of the health care network that would help in the formulation of public policies aimed at the capture and transplantation of organs and that took into account the strategies that promoted discussions between professionals and society. Another difficulty is carrying out multidisciplinary training in public and private networks to understand possible pitfalls and analyzes of possible organ donors.

With the elaboration of this article, it is expected to contribute to the discussion and reflection on the burden of proof of Brazilian civil procedural law and its application in the administrative process, including the possibility of its inversion. This will be dealt with in the development of the article, which will use the deductive method, based on bibliographic and exploratory research, and on the examination of constitutional and legal texts, having as a theoretical framework the constitutional model of process. After the study, it can be inferred that in the Brazilian legal system, the existence of the constitutional right to proof, as a result of the fundamental rights of contradictory and ample defense, was enshrined in the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in its art. 5th, Inc. LV (BRAZIL, 1988). In the same sense, the right to proof, also not explained, is one of the guarantees inherent to due process of law, since there is no due process of law without the interested party being able to exhaust its right of defense with the production of the necessary evidence to prove it. of the alleged facts. Therefore, in light of these considerations, proof means demonstrating the allegations made by each of the parties, whether in the judicial process or in the administrative process.

The present study seeks to develop a simple methodology capable of relating the propagation of acoustic waves with the compressive strength of ceramic sealing bricks. For this purpose, were captured acoustic signals generated by the impact of a steel sphere on the surface of ceramic bricks from three different origins. With the acoustic signal as a function of frequency, was possible to identify the main amplitude peak, which increases with the increase in compressive strength. Other characteristics of the acoustic signal, such as for instance a greater number of amplitude peaks presented below 5 mHz, could be also related to the compressive strength of the bricks indicating a possibility of fast and non-destructive testing.

Way Leman River is located at the watershed of Way Leman covering with an area of 167.24 Km2. During the rainy season the Way Leman river flow has the potential to disrupt community activities. Material losses and crop failure are inevitable in the event of a flood. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the cause of the disaster. From the rainfall data usedat the climatology (BMKG) Namlea station for 20 years, namely in 2000 - 2019, statistically with the Gumbel distribution for the 25yearsreturn period, the planned rainfall250.31 mm /year and the Melchior method found a planned flood discharge of 290.85 m3/sec. From the simulation results of the Way Leman river cross section using the 25-Year Planned Debit with the Melchior Method, it cannot accommodate the flood discharge that occurs because the elevation of the flood water level exceeds the elevation of the river bank. In order to control the flood, the Way Leman river was normalized and made a river reinforcement building with gravity wall type. The results of analysis showed that the selection of the type of structure was permitted.

Objective: To evaluate adolescents’ food literacy. Methods: The estimated samples were 496 and 497 schoolchildren aged 12 and 15 years old, according to the following parameters: universes 4458 and 4524 respectively; prevalence 50%; confidence level 95% (Z=1.96); sampling error 5%; non response rate 10%, and deff=1.4. By simple random drawing, public schools where there were adolescents of the recommended index ages were included. To assess food literacy, questions that addressed access to information, understanding, evaluation, and application of the information about food were considered. The data were collected by trained academics, who used software developed for this purpose. The descriptive analyses were made using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences - SPSS, version 25.0. Results: 734 students participated, being 236 aged 12 and 498 aged 15, with response rates of 47.58% and 100%, respectively. It could be observed that, regarding the variable access, 9.3% (n=68) of the schoolchildren reported they had never had access to any information about proper nutrition. The main person / professional who had provided those teenagers with this information was the nurse (91.6% / n= 663), and the radio was the main means (90.2% / n=654). 80.0% of the respondents (n= 585) reported they had had access to the topic "Healthy and unhealthy eating". Most respondents reported difficulties in understanding, evaluation, and application of healthy eating information. Conclusion: Those teenagers’ food literacy was adequate in the access dimension, but there were difficulties in the understanding, evaluation and application of information dimensions. Thus, the need to perform health care in a broader way is confirmed, with interventions that provide effective food literacy for adolescents, culminating in better health outcomes.

Elephant grass is a promising plant for economic and sustainable energy production. However, adapted cultivars and efficient strategies for selecting genotypes aimed at energy biomass production is essential. Remote sensing techniques provide spatiotemporal information from plants in an agile, non-destructive and non-invasive way. The present study aimed to use remote sensors onboard an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to monitor elephant grass genotypes and assist in plant phenotyping for energy biomass production. The experimental plots were imaged in the visible and near infrared bands. Imaging was carried out in 66 experimental plots in the José Henrique Bruschi Experimental Field (CEJHB), located in Coronel Pacheco, MG, Brazil. The experiment was arranged in a randomized block design with three replications, and 22 elephant grass genotypes were evaluated. The aggregated index iMAPNDRE was strongly correlated with the dry matter production observed in the field, therefore a method with potential application for estimating the biomass of elephant grass genotypes. Thus, sensors aboard UAV platforms can assist breeders to select the best elephant grass genotypes for energy production.

Objective: To build the quality performance index of the hotel sector in the city of Guajará-Mirim, on the border with Bolivia, based on the Varimax method. Method: The Varimax method was used as an analytical research model. The IDQSH questionnaire used is structured with 4 parameters and 15 variables. The questionnaire was applied after signing the Informed Consent Term - FICF. Data were collected from the guests of ten hotels that were randomly selected. he Sector Quality Performance Index - IDQSH was calculated following the Factor Analysis techniques. Result: the result found allows pointing out the classification among the hosting means. The hotels where the quality performance was considered “Good” are, in descending order of the IDQSH: A (0.542), F (0.529) and D (0.514). In the quality standard considered “Bad” are the hotels, also in descending order of the IDQSH: H (0.483), B (0.467), E (0.452), C (0.433), G (0.393) and J (0.369). Hotel I, with an index of 0.276, achieved the classification that indicates a “Terrible” quality performance. Final Considerations: The Quality Performance Index in Hotel Services (IDQSH) of the municipality of Guajará-Mirim obtained an index of 0.445, considered "Bad", according to the adopted classification.

The research aimed to understand the possible factors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic that may have impaired the period of exclusive breastfeeding. Cross-sectional and anonymous study with 62 mothers from the cities of Belem and Ananindeua – PA/Brazil, using an online form.As a result, predominantly: 1/3 had completed higher education, 25 and 49 years old, single, monthly income of 1 to 2 minimum wages, did not participate in government aid programs, cesarean delivery, prenatal care performed at SUS, were still breastfeeding, 45% had symptoms of anxiety, depression or compulsive disorder, 63% of children fell ill in the last 6 months. 24% of women felt insecurity or fear of breastfeeding because of media news.The presence of professional prenatal guidance on pregnancy and COVID-19 was absent in more than 1/3 of the women, 37% did not receive professional guidance on breastfeeding during prenatal care, and 81% did not receive guidance on breastfeeding with suspicion or diagnosis of COVID-19. Of the statements heard by a family member or close person, the most frequent was: "You cannot do prenatal care or go to the hospital so as not to get COVID-19".The number of times the child became ill in the last 6 months and hospitalization of the child were correlated with the period of breastfeeding with p

With the implementation of the Accounting Standardization System in Portugal (SNC), the area of purchases and payables started to be approached according to a new aspect, with the audit procedures assuming a crucial importance.
This work seeks to study this area as well as point out the main points of attention in auditing or tests to be carried out.

According to Arthur S. EDDINGTON (1921): "I can prove nothing to you whether you do not let me make any measurements. Measurement is for me the only way to find the laws of nature. I am not a metaphysician". In order to confirm the performances of the indirect solar dryer, with cylindrical-parabolic collector, the performances noted by the numerical results and validated by the value of the Square Root of the Mean Systematic Error, RMSE, equal to 4.5°C, between the numerical and experimental temperatures of the heat transfer fluid, at the entrance of the drying cage, experimental tests of the said dryer were carried out, via the drying of the variety, Clemson spineless, of okra. The diffusion coefficient of dried okra pieces gave satisfactory results, (16.49-22.72) ×10-10m 2.s-1for cylindrical samples and (6.24-15.59) ×10-10m2.s-1for longitudinal slices. These findings are consistent with the literature.

The objective of this work is to evaluate the application of the Full Potentials Accounting and Valuation (FPVA) method for ranking Energy Resources in a faculty of a large private Brazilian company. This work is justified by the importance and complexity in decision making for the implementation of energy efficiency projects in a consumer company. The method for developing this work is divided into three steps, first the inventory of Energy Resources is carried out, then Resources are analyzed within the sub-attributes of the four dimensions of Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) and based on the opinion of internal stakeholders of the company, the ranking of the Resources identified is obtained. The work demonstrates that it is possible to have synergy for the application of methods developed in academic studies in the corporate market, in addition to opening the possibility of carrying out the same study in other teaching units of the studied company or in companies from other economic sectors.

The aim paper is devoted to study the interaction of axion like (ALPs) with fermions when expanding the standard model. The process of collider between axion-electron, which produce scalar dark matter and release electron has been studied. The scattering amplitude and cross section of this collision in the center of mass system (CMS) have been calculated by using Mandelstam variables and then plotted its dependence on scattering angle and energy.

Shear wall systems are one of the most commonly used lateral load resisting systems in high-rise buildings. Shear wall has very high in-plane stiffness and strength, which could be used to simultaneously resist large horizontal loads, and supports vertical or gravity loads. In multi-storey buildings to resist lateral forces incorporation of shear walls has become inevitable. It is very necessary to determine the effective, efficient, and ideal location of the shear wall. This paper’s study of G+5 storey building in zone-III is presented with some preliminary investigation which is analyzed by changing various position of shear wall and replacement of shear with an intermediate beam. In this paper determine the node displacement, maximum shear force, maximum moment storey drift and base shear with the help of STAAD-pro software. The building is modelled with floor area of (28m*18m) with 7 bays along 28m span each 4m and 6 bays along the 18m span each 3m and each storey height is 3m. The analysis is carried out using STAAD-pro software. A comparative study has been done placing of shear wall at different position of building and shear walls replace with the intermediate beams in the building.

Objective: understand the measures to prevent the risk of falling in elderly users of a family health strategy in the city of Ananindeua, state of Pará, Brazil. Methodology: Approximately 15 of the 316 elderly enrolled were selected: male and female, which sign the Free Informed Consent Form and were at the ESF on the day of the research. Were excluded from these research people aged 59 years or less, who not enrolled in the ESF, do not have mental conditions to carry out the research, and those who do not agree to sign the IC. Results: The results of the study showed that the predominant age range was between sixty-four (64) and eighty (80) years old, and 80% of the elderly population is female. Four categories emerged from this study for analysis covering the common context polydrug use in this age group, the multimorbidities, the history of falls, and the physical environment of residence of the elderly. Conclusion: Several factors were identified associated with the risk of falling among the elderly include the were visual deficits, advanced age, nervous system disease, excessive medications, slippery floors, among other situations that make the elderly suffer some risk of falling and have consequences relevant to their lives, it was also verified that the degree of autonomy of the elderly is quite comprehensive where they manage to do simple daily activities without making much effort.

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