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International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science IJAERS

The water is an universal soluble, fundamental to every living being. The main component to the human body and indispensable for any form of life, however, there is an increasing preocupation within the quality of their providers, which are the rivers, strands and springs, but as the time passes by are threatened by anthropogenic activities, main causer of the contamination and destruction of the local fauna and habitat. The principal objetictive of this research was to generate necessary information to further make use of this water, specifically located in Porto Velho, Rondônia, in Jamari’s River’s hidrographic basin sided with Green River’s, one affluent and one subfluent of Madeira’s River, which is one of the most important hidrographic basins of Amazon’s River, yet, lots of physical, chemicals and microbiological parameters were effected, like pH, turbidity, overall alkalinity, overall toughness, iron, chloride, color, fecal coliforms, that are capable of identify the contamination by anthropic action, obtaining the characteristics of the containing waters in the studied area, which in turn had favorable results, following the collected results we could confirm that all them were under acceptable and expectable parameters required by legislation in force of bathing, aquatic community preservation and human consumption, being the last one dependable of a simple threatment (chlorination).

The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of housing generation on the performance of Soekarno-Hatta Street in Kasongan City. The independent variable that is used as a factor that influences the generation is the number of family members who work, the number of family members who attend school, the number of family members who do not work and do not attend school, the size of the household, the number of car ownership in the vehicle unit, the number of motorcycle ownership, the number of bicycle ownership, total ownership of vehicles in one house, total income per family per month, and type of house. The research sample was taken at Wengga Housing, Katingan Karya Citra Housing, and Griya Cipta Housing. Analysis is using multiple regression methods. From the results of the research, it was found that the trip generation produced by a housing (pcu / hour) was influenced by the average of total ownership of vehicles in one house and the number of houses occupied in one housing. The form of the generation equation is y = -165,791 + 41,850 x (average of total ownership of vehicles in one house) + 0,321 x (number of occupied houses). To maintain the performance of Jalan Soekarno-Hatta is still stable (LOSC) with the assumption that the external traffic flow growth is 3.5%, then in the fifth year housing development should not exceed 1.8 times (2350 units) or addition of houses can only be 1002 units.

Plywood base was used as a platform to place the entire equipment. Stainless steel blade was attached to the shaft of motor of 240V which acts as cutting unit. Stainless steel cylinder with supporting iron rod is used for feeding little gourds. A rectangular frame made up of metallic stands was used as main frame and supporting main units. A collection tray made up of metal sheet was used for collection of slices.
Moisture content of little gourds was 85%. The dimensions of little gourds were measured using digital Vernier callipers and weight of each little gourd was measured using electronic weighing balance. Average length and diameter of little gourds were found to be 17.93mm and 18.88mm respectively. The other parameters like Sphericity, roundness, cylindrical and elliptical were found to be 0.14cm, 3.73cm2, 19.87cm3 and 0.89cm-3 respectively. Average weight of the little gourds were found to be 16.5g. The surface area and bulk density of little gourds were found to be 180.6 and 500 kg/m3. Performance evaluation of little gourd cutter was performed where slicing operation was performed at different motor speeds and voltages. High motor speed with voltage of 240V gave slices of 0.75mm which were suitable for household consumption.

In order to control the drying temperature of the PET resin in the silo of the plastic injection molding machine, during the plastic injection process in the industries producing preforms for the manufacture of beverage bottles, care is taken in the ideal temperature regulation for the better performance in controlling the generation of Acetaldehyde (AA), which alters the taste of carbonated or non-carbonated drinks, providing a citrus nuance to the palate and questioning the quality of the packaged products The objective of this work is to develop a tool based on Fuzzy logic to support the control of the drying temperature of PET resin, allowing specialists to make the ideal temperature control decisions necessary to control the generation of Acetaldehyde (AA). For the development of the proposed Fuzzy inference model, we used the Matlab Fuzzy toolbox tool, where the input variables, the fuzzyfication rules and the output variable were implemented based on the data collected from the preform injection process. From the inference model, we obtained a more precise management of the variables that influence the generation of AA, estimating a reduction of $ 240,044.00 in annual costs in the production of preforms.

In this research an equation of static equilibrium geometry shoreline on coastal segment between two groins with quadratic polynomial equations is developed. Equation coefficients were formulated based on the characteristic of stable coastline geometry of the previous study and conservation law of mass, where volume of erosion and sedimentation are identical.
The equation is capable of predicting erosion and accretion for coastline between two groin. Furthermore, with the predicted erosion and sedimentation, the groins gap and the length of groin can be planned using maximum permitted erosion criteria.

The automotive battery industry is a fixed emission source of high pollution potential arising from secondary lead smelting processes pollutants. The management, the quality control standards of air, air pollutant emission limits as well as the allocation and disposal of waste and effluents are provided by legal norms. The objective is to identify management practices and management of atmospheric emissions and the allocation and disposal of waste and effluents in a battery industry that manufactures and reuses materials from reverse logistics to propose a management model based on PDCA- Plan, Do, Check and Act. The specific objectives are:(1)Identify the management and environmental management practices in the industry and relates them with economic development and innovation in industrial processes; (2)Check the procedures adopted for the reverse logistics management and allocation and disposal of wastes, effluents and emissions to mitigate the generation of pollutants; (3)propose management actions and environmental management, according to the PDCA method. It is a descriptive exploratory survey of bibliographical studies and field research with observations of practices in the industry and using the interview questionnaire, to present qualitative and quantitative data. The sample was randomly chosen to focus an industry that generates wastes, effluents and emissions of high polluting potential. Employing the task isintended to answer the question: An environmental management plan based on the PDCA method is able to systematize sustainable actions in an industry that generates highly toxic pollutants' The result is of interest to managers of enterprises that manufacture and reuse of waste battery. This study is important considering thelocus of research, the Amazonian City, which deserves special attention.

The construction industry in Afghanistan faces challenges such as cost overruns and delays. To overcome these problems, nowadays, implementing risk management in construction field has shown improvements in the mitigation of risks which have adverse impacts on project objects such as time, cost and quality. Risk assessment process is executed as part of risk management for uncertainties that construction sector confronts in Afghanistan.21 most significant risks were identified, analyzed and evaluated using 5x5 probability matrix method. It was found that 20 out of 21 risks fell into the unacceptable and unwanted category. These risks require mitigation measures by executing risk treatment policy and need be to registered, monitored and reviewed before and during the construction phase. The findings call for necessary awareness in developing the Afghanistan construction industry’s capability and performance to execute risk management for mitigating against further project failure.

This study aims to analyze the accounting tasks of state-owned companies with Indonesian-ness values. The Political Economy of Accounting (PEA) is an analytical tool used to measure a higher level of education which is then referred to as Indonesian PEA. The concept will be the rationale for conducting studies that provide relevant information. The data used are qualitative data from interviews and direct results, as well as quantitative data in the form of annual reports, reports and financial reports obtained directly from the finance department and the official website of PT. Semen Tonasa. The results of the study show that accounting practices by SOEs companies are still far from Indonesian values. The earth, air and natural wealth contained in the earth of Indonesia are the subjects of people's prosperity but the findings in the community that have not existed from the beginning of the resources managed by the company. The reality of social performance is only in the form of false sustainability because it is still formally legal only limited to broadcasting and even becomes a tool of corporate hegemony. It is important for companies to build awareness that is an integral part of the social and community environment, between companies and stakeholders built a "kinship" relationship. Based on the findings of this study, Indonesian character with social justice can be realized if the commitment to Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution can be actualized by the company through family members. The relationship of "kinship" in which there are human values, brotherhood, togetherness, mutual cooperation, and help, the relationship between the community and the relationship between mutual support.

The teaching of practical subjects such as PPC (Production Planning and Control) can be enhanced through the use of suitable educational software as it engenders aspects of dynamism and interactivity in the learning process. The present article aims to develop a webibliomining analysis in order to expose the theoretical framework and to explain the state of art of research related to PPC in scientific literature. The key content of PPC topics will be used as a guideline for the development of an specific educational software framework. As for the methodology, bibliographic and bibliometric research resources were used to compose the webibliomining analysis, thus making the article acquire the character of qualitative and quantitative research. The renowned Web of Science database and Nails software were used in order to formulate and prioritize the PPC content. As a result of this, the product of the article consists of the framework of the referred software which has highly relevant content because it is aligned with the inputs generated by the use of webibliomining resource as a facilitating tool on content selection of PPC subjects seeking to increase the learning process efficiency by students of engineering and business at Brazilian universities.

For some cities like İstanbul, Rome, Paris and Cairo etc. as being the ones having natural and cultural heritage intensively, the most dominant planning data is the heritage itself. If we talk of sustainable planning, we should talk of not only the true planning regarding ecological principles, but also protection and reassesment of cultural and natural heritage at circumstances regarding sustainability, therefore this has to recognized as a true sign of ecological approach. On the other hand, one of the applied tools of Sustainability; “Sustainable Planning” as a correspondence of “Sustainable Development” in planning, is meant to use the nature and resources in the name of protecting them, for the sake of caring future generations. Today, World’s energy strategies based on solid fuel and petrol, unbalanced resource consumption with least sense, consuming environment negatively, increasing rates at population, consumption and urbanization, the lack of fast regeneration in nature, and many other parameters like the ones above which will remain unmentioned, threaten ‘Sustainability’ in direct. The purpose of this article, instead of consuming resources in the sense above, is to show of assessing cultural and natural heritages (for being ecological resource in essence and reflecting histo-cultural aggregation of humanity) and of using it as an input, by verifying the feasibility of it to be a paremeter providing-supporting the mentality of ecological planning and cultural sustainability. Sustainable planning must be expected to create principles and decisions regarding to protect-use balance for this heritage which is under the threat and pressure of civic developments. The use of cultural and historical heritage as an argument in Sustainable planning is given as of work and reports, international contracts and reported decisions related to these all are also given as references.

In this work, it shows the specification of a system for monitoring operating parameters of generators, for diagnostic and fault detection on power generation of thermal power plants (TPP). The objective of this system is to collect real-time information of the engine operating cycle dual-fuel, while working with diesel and natural gas, in order to organize a database with the pressure information from the combustion temperature and cooling water pressure. The use of local or remote monitoring is performed by sensors to detect variations or sudden changes in the generator mode. Through this real-time monitoring can be identified early failures, adapt to changes or repairs parts preserving the integrity of the machines.

This study focuses on learning strategies in municipal public health administration of the environment in the Municipality of Porto Velho, Brazil. Ali bureaucracy focuses on the predictability of institutional operations, to enable the achievement of efficiency and organizational efficiency. The question to be answered is: What learning strategies fit into this scenario for improving the service offered' The general objective is to analyze the learning strategies in the body of a Municipal Health work environment to verify their existence and use. The task here is based on Piaget's Theory of creativity, and the concepts of other authors committed to organizational learning. This research was characterized as descriptive, with quantitative approach, basic in nature, Case Study prepared by Method. The sample consisted of 52 servers in crowded health body searched; We used a questionnaire to collect data. It was proved the internal consistency by Cronbach's alpha coefficient. The research concluded that the Extrinsic reflection, Interpersonal Help Search, and Help Search for Material Written, relate significantly with demographic variables: gender, age and income. It also concludes that the servants are in the majority, use these strategies for the implementation of work. This document concerns the public managers committed to the efficiency of their results from learning your team. We used a questionnaire to collect data. It was proved the internal consistency by Cronbach's alpha coefficient. The research concluded that the Extrinsic reflection, Interpersonal Help Search, and Help Search for Material Written, relate significantly with demographic variables: gender, age and income. It also concludes that the servants are in the majority, use these strategies for the implementation of work. This document concerns the public managers committed to the efficiency of their results from learning your team. We used a questionnaire to collect data. It was proved the internal consistency by Cronbach's alpha coefficient. The research concluded that the Extrinsic reflection, Interpersonal Help Search, and Help Search for Written Material, relate significantly with demographic variables: gender, age and income. It also concludes that the servants are in the majority, use these strategies for the implementation of work. This document concerns the public managers committed to the efficiency of their results from learning your team. age and income. It also concludes that the servants are in the majority, use these strategies for the implementation of work. This document concerns the public managers committed to the efficiency of their results from learning your team. age and income. It also concludes that the servants are in the majority, use these strategies for the implementation of work. This document concerns the public managers committed to the efficiency of their results from learning your team.

This study involved rural properties of the Brazilian Cerrado, which are necessarily consistent with the requirements of good agricultural practices for quality, innovation, and technology in the production and management of properties. Based on the knowledge and information as value-added production factors, we sought to highlight the opportunities for improving competitiveness, and thus a review of the literature on competitiveness, knowledge, and information as a differential factor for production with added value, innovation, and territorial technology as well as entrepreneurship. With the data from the field study, the objective was to show how knowledge and information, applied in production and social capital, can leverage competitiveness. The analyzes carried out using AHP indicate that some initiatives already aid in the promotion of innovation and technology applied to production, making it necessary, however, to encourage knowledge and information among producers and other stakeholders collectively, for the best costs and results. They also point to the low concern of producers with training and other productivity improvement techniques, such as selective harvesting. Authenticated that the producers opt for the sale of their production via commodity, aiming to profit quickly. Reasons for this are, in the non-perception of value added (sales in commodity); in the absence of rural structure for the processing and harvesting of the coffee required for special sale; in the precariousness of collective export agents (cooperatives are dependent on traders) and deficiencies in management for positioning in the properties (most work in scale).

This study is intended to test contingency theory and the theory of self efficacy with the aim of analyzing the effect of budget time pressure and task complexity on auditor performance; emotional intelligence as the moderation variables. This research was carried out in the province of Gorontalo which included the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency, the Provincial Inspectorate, the Municipal Inspectorate of the Province of Gorontalo. The sampling technique with purposive sampling method with the number of samples as many as 120 respondents with the criteria of respondents who have functional position certificates for auditors and or respondents who have been assigned to conduct financial checks . The unit of analysis used in this study is individuals . Data analysis technique used is SEM with Smart PLS software.
The results showed that the budget time pressure had a negative and insignificant effect on auditor performance . task complexity has apositive and insignificant effect on auditor performance, emotional intelligence moderates the relationship of budget time pressure positively to auditor performance and emotional intelligence moderates the relationship of task complexity negatively to auditor performance. The performance of government internal auditors can be explained together with variables of budget time pressure, task complexity and emotional intelligence which is shown by the value of R2 equal to 0,431 (good), while other variables are not explained in the model of 56.9%.

Currently, the construction of knowledge forces a new posture of the teacher in Elementary Schools, requiring a broader view and interaction in the various areas, where knowledge management becomes mandatory. This article aims to evaluate the pedagogical management applied in a fundamental school with about 250 students, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, using interviews and questionnaires with teachers. With this research it was possible to conclude that teachers perceive the existence of several conditions that favour the creation, dissemination and socialization of knowledge, considering the good professional relations existing between the teachers who work in the classroom and the pedagogical team.

One of the critical points in the framework of air transport, is the management of luggage at airports. Every year, a large number of people feel the need to travel for various reasons and that efficient management is a difficult task that needs to keep up with the growth demand in a satisfactorily. One of the problems that has not been solved is exactly the loss, misplacement or mishandling of baggage at airports, given the difficulty of the current management systems to monitor the baggage, which causes unwanted situations to life. Radiofrequency Identification Technology (RFID), integrated with an information system, presents itself as a solution to numerous daily setbacks in various segments, because its main feature is basically to capture information at a distance about some element in movement. By implementing a smart tag (tag) in each baggage, it becomes possible to trace it along the path. In order to solve this problem, the present work aims to develop a prototype software, integrated with RFID, to simulate the control of luggage at airports by means of three scenarios where luggage misplacement may occur.

Objective: To analyze the therapeutic process of hypertensive and diabetic elderly assisted in Hiperdia program UBS city of Ariquemes, Rondônia, Brazil. Method: The research model was a quantitative study, cross, which was used pre-structured form. The sample consisted of 196 patients with hypertension and / or diabetes between 60 and 92 years. Results: Predominantly female 66.9%, a consumption of 5.40 per individual medications, and frequent self-medication few physiological parameters described in the charts. Overweight and obesity prevalence in the elderly 78.9%, 67.5% with systolic blood pressure above 140 mmHg and 79.3% with greater than 125 mg glucose / dL. Statistical tests observing pool was applied between the amount of medication and self-medication (p = 0.001) correlation with significance between age and systolic blood pressure (p = 0.003) and body mass and age index (p = 0.018) was observed association between income and acquisition of medication or correlation between age and glucose values. Of the research subjects, 44% reported problems with the drug that can lead to lack of adherence to treatment, and future complications. Conclusions: 1059 drugs were used. 76% of patients acquire medication in at least 02 different sites may favor the therapeutic duplication. Among the most cited DRPs are stomach problems and discomfort, 17.4% have difficulty in recognizing, 15.1% are not taking the drug due to adverse accustomed and 69.4% use at least one self-medication. In the classification of physiological parameters was observed lack of data in the records, and 79.3% had blood glucose levels> 125 mg / dL and 67.5% with SBP> 140 mmHg, it was also observed association between the amount of medication and self-medication and correlation between age and SBP and BMI and age.

Silicon nitride has been widely employed as one of the most important engineering ceramics for many practical applications due to their excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, low density, high corrosion resistance and other mechanical properties. In this study, silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic materials was synthesized by a direct nitridation method of amorphous silicon powder under a flow mixture of argon and nitrogen or ammonia. The amorphous silicon powder was placed in a tube furnace at the temperature of from 1300oC to 1600oC for 30-800 min under a flow of gases mixture. The phase compositions and morphology of the obtained Si3N4 powder were characterized by using X-ray diffractometry (XRD) and SEM techniques, respectively. The a-Si3N4 formed at temperature of 1500oC under a mixed gases flow of 3 L/ min for 400 composed of straight rod-like fibers with a length in the range of 5 to 100 mm and diameters of about 0.3-4 mm. The effects of gas flow rate, conversion temperature, reduction time and gas compostion on the effectiveness of a-Si3N4 formation were investigated in detail. Effect of the auxiliary gases and synthesizing conditions for direct nitridation of Si3N4 on phase content and phase transformation of a-Si3N4 to β-Si3N4 were also evaluated.

This work aims to present a variation of the conventional MAG (Metal Active Gas) welding process, with the addition of a cold wire fed by a slave torch in the molten pool promoted by the electric arc originated form the main wire. Comparisons were made between traditional MAG processes with only one energized wire and the MAG-CW (MAG with addition of a cold wire). The welding parameters used allowed the spray mode of metallic transfer and the stability of the electric arc. As a result, a comparison was made to analyze the deposition rate, profile, width and depth of the bead between the two processes.

The effect of properties like density, viscosity and flashpoint with alcohol additives in biodiesel blend fuel has been studied. Biodiesel blend fuel (B20) is used for characterization to compare with 5% and 10% of ethanol and methanol. The results indicated that flash point of B20 decrease drastically at 5% alcohols and increases at higher percentages. Increase in flash point as blend concentration increase may be considered better with respect to safety in fuel handling. In case of viscosity and density, cetane number and acid values decrease as the percentage of alcohol increases. Alcohols lower the flash point slightly and reduces the viscosity and density of blend fuel marginally, with this fuel ignition can start at lower temperature and able to burn completely. The combustion rate of fuel is increased due to more oxygen availability in alcohol that results in reducing the levels of pollutants in exhaust gases.

The aim of this study is to know the result of Discovery Based Learning Implementation through Improving Students’ innovative thinking skills in solving open-ended task of pattern generalization. The method used in the study is a combination between quantitative and qualitative method called mixed method. Learning model of discovery based learning in the research manages to improve students’ innovative thinking skills in solving open-ended task of pattern generalization indicated by the insignificant difference t-test score between the pre-test score of control class and experiment class [t (48) = -6.897, p> 0.005]. It results post-test score of control class 71.88 (SD = 5.944) and experiment class 83.88 (SD = 6.110). Hence, it indicates that both of the average post-test score are significant [(48) = -12.00, p < 0.005]. Discovery Based Learning (DBL) model in this study may improve students’ innovative thinking skills to solve open-ended task based on the result of questionnaire and interview. In addition, students are able to observe, to find new patterns and to present what they obtain.

Global solar irradiance (Qg) is an important variable of the physical environment that has been constantly used in agrometeorological models, either for climatic characterization or to give support to radiometric studies developed for irrigation planning and crop weather modeling approaches. The current study aimed to compare measured daily values of Qg with estimates of this variable by means of four different methods. For that throughout the period comprised between March 28th of 2008 and August 8th of 2011 at Ponta Grossa, PR, Brazil, a simple linear regression study confronting radiometric data measured by a pyranometer and estimates of Qg was proposed herein. Global transmittance was conditioned by atmospheric cloudiness. The models based on mean global transmittance in daily basis performed more satisfactorily and generated values of Qg with accuracy and exactness at the site in study, as confirmed by the statistical parameters employed to validate the usage of models proposed by Angström-Prescott. However, the performance of the methodologies based on the determination of mean global transmittance under extreme atmospheric conditions, showed the highest Willmott coefficients, which was to be close to 1, reflecting then precision and reliability for the calculated values of Qg, when compared to observed values monitored at an automatic weather station.

This paper examines the scientific researches regarding "sustainable horticulture" to identify research flows with potential for future investigation. Through a bibliometric and content analysis for the 2011-2015 periods and the 2016 first semester, 12 articles, according and relevant to the theme, were selected. The results obtained from the analysis demonstrated the importance of the subject for both academic research and for the practice, since it elucidated scientific production and trends, impact factor, relevant scientific periodicals, contribution by countries and its institutions, methods and research tools, keywords. It stands out that the theme "sustainable horticulture" is used in most cases to address only the environmental dimension and, in a few cases, in the economic and social dimensions. Based in the analysis of the keywords, the terms production, systems and sustainability formed the main research clusters, attracting great attention during the study period.

The objective of this study was to generate a new methodology for the generation of vegetation index by drone cameras for the quantification of green cover area. For this study a drone of the DJI Mavic PRO quadricopter model was used. The flight plan was made using the Drone Deploy application and a total of 56 images were obtained, with a 60% side cover and 70% front cover. The images were processed in the professional Photoscan software version (1.4.2) resulting in mosaic area. The following ICVA equation was applied: ((pGreen-pRed / pGreen + pRed) * L) through the map algebra of ArcGis 10.3. The vegetation index was thus generated, without the need to use satellite images or multispectral data and thus generates a new way of identifying vegetation with the use of drones, Vants and RPAs, being a landmark in the advancement of studies of geotechnologies. The equation used will still be tested in new areas and different situations to show its capacity, and if necessary will be improved according to the observations made.

This work deals with electronic and photovoltaic properties of new compounds as organic dye sensitized for solar cell. The ground state calculations are carried out by employing the B3LYP-DFT method and the TD-DFT for excitation properties at the Gaussian 09 package of programs. The results showed the HOMO and LUMO are slightly different and this suggests that different structures play significant roles on electronic properties and improving the electron accepting ability. The obtained values of energy gap and the open circuit voltage are the parameters manipulating to improving the quality of solar cell devices. Also, the results show these compounds can be used as organic sensitizers for solar cell due to possibility of the electron injection process from the compounds to the conduction band of TiO2.

Quick Tool Exchange (QTE) acts to reduce losses and failures during the production process and throughput time, contributing to rapid response to market changes. The object of the work is a private school of the Municipality of Porto Velho, capital of Rondônia. The general objective is to study the building maintenance of a private school in the Municipality of Porto Velho / RO, focusing on QTE technology. Therefore, the specific objectives were to characterize the building maintenance in the study (1); compare the operational processes applied in the face of QTE concepts (2); and propose innovation for the operational improvement of building maintenance in operation (3). The building maintenance has a clear importance, since its compliance contributes to the preservation of life and health of users of any construction. Both the preventive and the corrective have been receiving the importance due to it, especially the preventive one, since this is always cheaper in comparison to the corrective one, since besides the damages caused to the physical structure of the building, there can exist to the users present in the occurrence of the fact. The methodological procedures consisted in carrying out a bibliographic survey followed by a case study. The results demonstrated measures approved and not approved by the QTE, suggesting simple innovations, but with significant consequences to the improvement of service rendering, minimizing costs in the area of building maintenance. This study is of interest to businessmen in general, especially the public or private educational sector, and those involved with the area of Production Administration.

This study aims to verify the use and mastery of linguistic knowledge in the writing process of Pedagogy students, in the form of Distance Education. The methodology was based on an exploratory analysis of texts produced in the face-to-face assessments that occurred in the first half of 2017. In the analysis of the answers, a descriptive graph of the errors and inadequacies observed was presented. The results show the commitment of writing to the meaning of the text, since this is a result of it. With this study, it was noticed that the university students have presented difficulties in expressing, in writing, their thoughts, their understandings and their opinions in an adequate and coherent way. Therefore, in order to minimize the anxiety experienced by these students at the time of writing, it is suggested that through the Instrumental Portuguese class, which part of the curriculum is, the linguistic aspects responsible for the production of meaning in texts and the interaction of the interlocutors. In order to meet the needs of undergraduate students, in the specific case of Pedagogy, since it concerns the training of teachers, professionals who will work in the literacy of children and young people and need to prioritize knowledge about language, reading and writing of these students.

We aimed to evaluate the incidence of weeds in the pre-planting of the summer crop as a function of planting system, herbicide use and irrigation management. The experiment was installed in field conditions, in RBD and 3 x 2 factorial scheme with eight replications. Treatments consisted in submitting rice to three management factors: water management – continuously flooded or intermittend irrigation (Factor A), coupled to the application (traditional control) or not (semi-ecological system) of herbicides (Factor B), and planting system – conventional soil tillage, minimum tillage and no till systems (Factor C). One year after rice cultivation, preceding the planting of the next cropping season, phytosociological evaluations of the weed communities were carried out. We assessed the overall infestation and weed species composition, which were classified by their respective density, frequency and dominance. We also estimated the diversity coefficients of Simpson and Shannon Weiner, and the sustainability coefficient of Shannon; treatments were also grouped by similarity in weed composition. In flood-irrigated rice, no till provides the lowest levels of weed infestation and, together with the conventional cropping system, results in values closer to the ecological sustainability; The application of herbicides in flooded rice crops reduces weed infestation, increases diversity and equalizes the ecological sustainability, compared to areas without the application of weed management methods. However, chemical control leads to the selection of resistant or tolerant species to herbicides, such as Polypogon sp.; Both continuous and intermittent water management systems did not cause changes in the level of infestation, composition or diversity coefficients.

This study investigates the effect of air pollution on rain water in Ado-Ekiti. Air pollution is becoming a global phenomenon and a source of concern to the entire world. Plants, animals, environment and public health are subjected to risks due largely to the earth that is getting warmer, ozone layer getting depleted, acid rain being recorded, all as a results of air pollution. This study was carried out in order to determine the pH level (i.e acidity and alkalinity), Total Dissolve Solids (TDS), Electrical Conductivity (E.C), Nitrate, E-Coli and Total Coliform count of the rainwater in Ado-Ekiti. The study area was classified into three environmental zones (high income, medium income and low income) based on standard of living of the residents. Fifty six samples of rainwater was collected in the three environmental zones between April and September, 2017 using small buckets that were washed and rinsed with distilled water. The collected samples were taken to the laboratory for chemical and bacteriological analysis. The results showed that the observation zone having pH in between 5.3 and 7.5 while EC fell in between 0 and 0.2 mS/cm indicating that the zones were polluted. Results of bacteriological analysis showed rainwater is free from bacteriological pollutants. It is concluded that gone are the days in the study area when rainwater can be collected for drinking purposes without treatment. Measures have to be taken in the area of efficient energy consumption and vehicular emissions control.

The main objective of this work is to demonstrate the advances made by the CATI research group with regard to the proposal to create a virtual collaborative news environment (AVNC) , to be initially implemented at the Northern Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro State University(UENF) through the Postgraduate Program in Cognition and Language. This interdisciplinary environment involves concepts from the area of communication, administration and information technology and seeks to meet the demands of generation, storage, retrieval, processing and transmission of information in this digital age. The AVNC involves three research fronts: rethinking the logic of news production, structuring a platform that is collaborative and defining what a business and management model should be that can give sustainability to this environment. In today's world, it is important to consider the reader's increasingly active participation in journalism, through information and communication technologies, thanks to the social changes that come with them. In times of cyberspace and cyberculture, it is necessary to rethink the dynamics of journalistic production. For this, authors like Pierre Lévy, Lúcia Santaella, Henry Jenkins, Caio Túlio Costa, among others were searched. In an era in which forms of collaborative ownership prevail, the platform being considered in this research follows the 3C collaboration model, according to Michalsky, Mamani, and Gerosa. A global platform where individuals interact, communicate, collaborate and gather information requires a business model and management that assists in managing the collaborative virtual news environment. For this, we used authors such as Alex Osterwalder, Eric Flamholtz, Siqueira and Crispim, Campos, among others. With this, an increasingly intelligent and collaborative environment is expected, with the active participation of all the agents involved. That is, what is proposed is the total interaction of the Internet user-reader.

Objective: To analyze the level of mental suffering and the level of job satisfaction in 85% of the teachers of the state education network who work in the prison units in the city of Porto Velho, Rondonia, Amazonia, Brazil. Method: This is a cross-sectional study; and for the data collection, three structured instruments were used: the sociodemographic questionnaire; the Self-Report-Questionnaire Questionnaire (SRQ-20), and the OSI-Occupational Stress Indicator Scale, Measured by Likert Scale. Results: The results showed that 12.5% of the teachers presented minor psychic disorders, considered as indicators of evidence of mental distress. Satisfaction in the work had indexes similar to those found in the literature, presenting the highest proportion in the intermediate variables, that is, their highest frequencies are in the range of some dissatisfaction, with 32.28%; and 32.04% with some satisfaction. The highest index of dissatisfaction is in the variable that refers to salary, with 29.4%. Conclusions: From the results, it is possible to indicate a possible association between job satisfaction and mental suffering. This study will provide great reflections on the teaching practice in prison units and will contribute to the occupational health of teachers working in prison units, allowing a rethinking of public policies in education and health in the context of the prison system.

Suspected budgetary participation is not always linear effect on budgetary slack. This is because the information asymmetry factor, and self esteem. This study aims to determine whether the asymmetry of information and self-esteem able to moderate Effect of participatory budgeting and budgetary slack. The number of samples in the study were 100 echelons SKPD South Sulawesi Provincial Government selected based on purposive sampling method. The data analysis technique used is moderation regression analysis (MRA). The results obtained are variable participatory budgeting has a positive effect on budgetary slack. Variable self esteem weaken the influence of participatory budgeting in the budgetary slack, while strengthening the influence of information asymmetry variable participatory budgeting in the budgetary slack.

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