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Open Access Journal

International Journal of Advanced engineering, Management and Science

The recent findings revealed that emotional intelligence has a vital influence in creating creativity, but, so far little effort has been done to verify this. Therefore, the current research aimed to examine the impact of emotional intelligence on creating with the mediation role of employee attitudes at selected at Mellat Holding in Kurdistan region of Iraq. A quantitative research method was applied to measure the current study. A random sampling method was applied, 150 questionnaires distributed but only 121 questionnaires were received. The study used four dimensions of emotional intelligence (social awareness, self-management, relationship management, self-awareness) as independent variable, also employee attitude as a mediator and creativity as dependent variable. The findings revealed that emotional intelligence have direct and indirect significant and positive influence on creativity at Mellat Holding. Furthermore, the study suggested to include employee engagement and employee commitment as future studies.

RT-PCR and DNA microarray measurement of mRNA cell proliferation / Rawaz Rizgar Hassan, Abdullah Othman Hassan, Rzgar Farooq Rashid, Shang Ziyad Abdulaqadir
In: International Journal of Advanced engineering, Management and Science

For mRNA quantification, RT-PCR and DNA microarrays have been compared in few studies (RT-PCR). Healing callus of adult and juvenile rats after femur injury was found to be rich in mRNA at various stages of the healing process. We used both methods to examine ten samples and a total of 26 genes. Internal DNA probes tagged with 32P were employed in reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to identify genes (RT-PCR). Ten Affymetrix® Rat U34A cRNA microarrays were hybridized with biotin-labeled cRNA generated from mRNA. There was a wide range of correlation coefficients (r) between RT-PCR and microarray data for each gene. Meaning became genetically unique because of this diversity. Relatively lowly expressed genes had the highest r values. The distance between PCR primers and microarray probes was found to be higher than previously assumed, leading to a drop in agreement between microarray calls and PCR outcomes. Microarray research showed that RT-PCR expression levels for two genes had a "floor effect." As a result, PCR primers and microarray probes that overlap in mRNA expression levels can provide good agreement between these two techniques.

The emergence of E-commerce and the change in customers' behavior to online shopping, especially in this pandemic, has led the local small enterprises to shift to online transactions. This study aimed to determine the benefits to local small enterprises of the food industry when operators and customers have shifted to online transactions and its effects on their sales, marketing cost, administrative costs and employment. The food operators were respondents in this study. Findings revealed that sales were not affected despite the shift to online transaction. In fact, this is the best platform to advertise and market the product. Marketing costs, on the other hand, were reduced if not maintained, because of less physical movement and the requirement of paraphernalia. Administrative costs that consist of wages and status of employment were at status quo. No retrenchment was made, however, modifications in job assignments and description were made. Since online transaction is never infallible, fraud is rampant. Spoilages and food degradation are of utmost concern in the food sector industry.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Management emergencies response and lesson learned from the Globe / Mufti Agung Wibowo, Widodo, Aris Sugiarto, Estri Aurorina, Endah Sri Lestari, Laila Erni Yusnita
In: International Journal of Advanced engineering, Management and Science

WHO released the COVID-19 Pandemic that hit at least 223 countries and territories and global confirmed cases reached nearly 103,631,793 people and 2.17% of them died. Countries such as China, America, Europe, Belgium, Taiwan and Brunei Darussalam, have made various ways and efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, which can be taken as potential practices and lessons. This literature review aims to investigate best practices that can be learned in emergency response and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic from various global countries that can be taken as learning and common good. This study method is a literature review, by accessing several peer-reviewed literature articles between 2020 and 2021 related to emergency response and lessons learned of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Based on the literature review that has been analysed, practices and lessons learned in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic can be identified, including: extensive public health infrastructure, establishment of temporary hospitals, effective isolation methods, increased social distancing, surveillance systems with digital technology, community involvement, and lock-down as a last alternative to inhibit the spread, as well as a crisis management approach from an Islamic perspective. It can be concluded that emergency response in decision making and policy is a very influential factor in the success of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

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