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International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science IJAERS

The adsorption of Zinc from electroplating industrial effluent by banana peel powder was investigate

Tea, (Camellia sinensis) is grown in about thirty countries and next to water, is the most widely co

Custard apple (Annona squamosal )is highly susceptible to spoilage, softens very rapidly during ripe

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of different concentration and time sterilizat

Exergy analysis method has been widely used in the design, simulation and performance assessment of

Current work deals with the structural and electronic properties of the cis-platin by employing the

The digital watermarking is a process of hiding an information in multimedia for copyright protectio

A connecting rod works in variably complicated conditions, and is subjected to not only the pressure

Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is growing in all spheres of activity. Veterin

This thesis focuses on implementation and control of a pick & place robot using radio frequency tran

Agricultural work in both developed and in developing countries continues to be one of the most haza

Multiplier is a small unit of an arithmetic circuit that is widely used in Digital filters, Digital

The electronic structure and geometry optimization of ferrocene and nickelocene molecules are calcul

Assessment of contamination of soil by pesticides in Djidja's cotton area in Benin / Firmin H. Aikpo, Miriac Dimitri S. Ahouanse, Lucien Agbandji, Patrick A. Edorh, Christophe S. Houssou
In: International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science IJAERS

The aim of the research is to assess the level of soil contamination by pesticides in Djidja’s cot

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